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1 What setting do I use my heat press for HTV?
1.1 What setting do I use on my heatpress when using HTV?

Heat up to 330 degrees and press for 20-25 seconds

1.2 What setting do I use on my heat press for sublimation?

Heat to 400 degrees and press for 60 seconds. DO NOT use a teflon sheet as a top layer when pressing. Lay a blank white sheet of paper on top before pressing for better results.

1.3 What's the difference between ThermoFlex (Plus) and Economy Flex (Basic)?

ThermoFlex Plus is a warm peel vinyl that has a sticky carrier sheet better for holding your design in place and can be peeled as soon as you lift your heatpress. It can be layered although not recommended. Economy Flex (Basic) is a cold peel vinyl that is a little thicker, does not have a sticky carrier sheet and has to be peeled cold once your garment has completely cooled down. DO NOT LAYER.

1.4 What cut settings do I use on my Cameo 3 for HTV?